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Best practice is to wash your garments daily – but sometimes life does get in the way, every second day may work better for you.

Washing helps your garments maintain their compression and shape.

Washing removes skin cells, ointments, dirt and dust that may be trapped in the fibres of your garment. This residue can impact how well your garments work, and how long they last.

Not washing your garment regularly could also put you at risk of infection from build-up of residue

DO NOT use fabric softener

DO NOT soak

Always rinse thoroughly

DO NOT dry clean

DO NOT tumble dry

The mesh bags, often used to wash delicate items, are great for popping your garment’s in

After washing - reduce drying time by lying them flat on a towel and then rolling up to remove excess water.

DO NOT dry in direct sunlight

DO NOT cut or pull loose threads

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